Road haulage company


JULY JOHN TRANS SL is dedicated to the transport of goods by road. Our company is located in Girona and has excellent facilities that allow us to offer services in an efficient, fast and competitive way. 

Moreover, for this reason, we get that all customers who need our company get a high degree of satisfaction after using our services, being the main objective of the same, to be a benchmark in the field of road freight transport.  

July John Trans SL is made up of a team of professionals and qualified experts in the sector who continue to update and train themselves with the aim of always being prepared to face any change or update in the market. In addition, it is important to be aware of the latest trends and technical developments in the sector.  

Throughout the years of experience of the company, we have been able to incorporate new fleet of trucks for the transport of goods and heavy machinery, in our day to day, we attach great importance to customer satisfaction and for our business to continue to grow in the sector we have the most demanded vehicles on the market.  

Why choose our road haulage company?

We have excellent differential advantages, which are the basis of our daily work, to offer our clients excellent work. Our advantages are:



We meet all deadlines and comply with all legal regulations in order to guarantee safety and quality service.

Team of professionals

Our company is made up of a great team of professionals who also know how essential it is to work as a team in order to establish good communication between them and with our clients.  


We are committed to a unique and personalised transport service and treatment of goods for each client.